Sunday, 13 June 2010

So it goes

It might've come to your attention that Bardens Boudoir, our amazing home for these past two years, is closing its cellar doors on July 1st.

The closing party is gonna be hosted by Upset The Rhythm (so it started, so it shall finish), with bands playing including The Human Race and Covergirl (Bloody Knees/Trash Kit et al supergroup). Make sure you get down there to mark what really is the end of an era for Dalston and the east. Nowhere else came close, we'll miss you terribly Bardens.

it's not all sad though. in other news:

- The Pictures zine #4 will be available early July from the usual outlets, a documentary special including interviews with Frederick Wiseman and Ondi Timoner among others - we're pretty convinced it's the best issue to date, really going for the next level of this kind of thing.

- The Pictures night is going on a UK (European?) tour this August! Details sketchy at present but keep your eyes peeled for dates in a town maybe vaguely within 100 miles of you. More on this as and when.

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